Annie Mokatsyan

CEO & Founder

Annie created Am4teens to empower a virtual platform for students to get involved in skill based projects to tackle issues and raise awareness that affect philanthropic, humanitarian, and advocacy efforts. Within a span of a few months, Am4teens has been able to raise awareness and provide resources to schools, students, rural communities, organizations, and others around the world all through a virtual platform. Now, Am4teens is conducted by 21 students around the world: USA, Canada, and Australia, that make up the leadership team.


Volunteer Coordination & Communications Team

Eimaan Shahid

Zain Qureshi

Rocio Aleman

Website & Graphics Team

Sanika Kothari

Kritika Ravichander

Social Media Team

Milena Apresyan

Allyson Winoker

Outreach Programs & MarketingTeam

Blog Team

Elizabeth Jovel

Olivia Dickens

2-Gs Team

Mary Abi-Karam

Amulya Madugula

Meenakshi Pillai

Lauren Kassin