Los Angeles, California

Annie Mokatsyan

CEO & Founder

Being told she was 'too young' to fly out to humanitarian sites inspired Annie that she isn't the only one that cannot get involved in global progress at a young age without certain restrictions. Launching the idea of Am4teens in April of 2019, and officially running it on June '19, Annie has been able to create a virtual platform for students like her to raise awareness and provide resources to schools, students, rural communities, organizations, and thousands of individuals around the world all through a virtual platform. Now, Am4teens is conducted by 23 high school and college students around the world: USA, Canada, and Australia, that make up the board officers and leadership team.

Board Officers

Leadership Team

Sanika Kothari

Kritika Ravichander

Milena Apresyan

Allyson Winoker

Elizabeth Jovel

Reema Alahamdi

Rocio Aleman

Mary Abi-Karam

Lauren Kassin


Amulya Madugula

Meenakshi Pillai