Project Green’s primary purpose is to expose communities across the globe of one of the most pressing world issues today—environmental sustainability and justice. Our community of volunteers seek to motivate themselves and their peers to be environmental activists in their daily lives through our broad-range of educational and service-based opportunities. We collaborate with reputable charities and organizations to address a variety of pressing environmental issues—namely, food injustice, deforestation, global warming, engendered species, ocean acidification, and air and water pollution. Project Green is an ongoing Global 2-G, offering new ways to virtually get involved in promoting a more sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and our local communities.

Help support responsible management of forests around the world!

Help secure a future for all animals and plants and protect many species from becoming extinct! The goal of this organization is to protect all species as well as land, water, and the climate.

Help protect, conserve, and restore wild rivers and advocate for greater impact!

Support KSTR to protect wildlife, and conserve the forests in Costa Rica's Pacific Coast.

Support the Endangered Species Coalition to stop the human-caused extinction of our nation’s at-risk species, to protect and restore their habitats, and to guide these fragile populations along the road to recovery.


Effects of Overpopulation

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification

Air Pollution and the Greenhouse Effect

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The Effects of Overpopulation

The Effects of Overpopulation - Am4Teens

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