Sponsoring Am4teens will provide students with greater opportunities to benefit and work for the world around them by creating a significant impact through various projects.

Sponsorship Package:

Am4Teens- Basic: $200 (Using the money for our awards program to distribute awards to over 450 world-wide volunteers. Additionally, Am4teens is a certifying organization to distrubute the PVSA (Presidential Volunteer Service Award), so it would make it feasible to purchase these awards for the eligible volunteers.)

  • Logo on Awards-4Teens Certificates

Bronze: $1,000 - Buying hygeine products for kids

  • Logo featured on the website

  • Being featured in Press Releases as Supporting Sponsor.

Silver: $3,500- Buying referbished tablets for low-income communities.

  • Logo Featured on the website

  • Being featured in Press Release as a Sponsor

  • Logo on gifts and awards for raffles

  • Logo in educational resources that will be shared with the tablets

Gold: $5,000- Marketing our organization, expanding + developing projects, and upgrading our zoom

  • Logo Featured on the website, newsletters to donors, handbooks, world-wide fundraisers, featured on our social media platforms.

  • Organization/Company being featured as a leading sponsor

-Being featured in a press release as a Leading Sponsor

  • Logo on gifts and awards for raffles

If you would like to sponsor Am4teens, or have further questions please contact sponsorships@am4teens.org