Am4Teens Policy/Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct outlines the essential standards that we, at Am4teens, uphold to ensure the utmost commitment, success, and ethicality of all volunteers.

The ‘Am4Teens Code of Conduct’ applies to the following:

  • Implication of the terms of the Code of Conduct applies in all of Am4teens projects, including (but not limited to) virtual, individual, and group projects.

  • The terms in the conduct are to be enforced in the means of communication through Slack, project meetings, and involvement, to prevent all unaccepted behavior further outlined in the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Introductory terms:

  • All Am4teens volunteers must be honest, particularly when submitting and logging volunteer hours. If any inaccuracy is suspected, further investigation would be conducted.

  • An ethical manner with virtual respect, optimism, teamwork, commitment, and devotion is expected from all volunteers.

  • All volunteers must commit to accurately representing the objectives and principles highlighted in the Am4Teens Mission Statement.

  • All volunteers, once accepted, are sought to agree to the terms of the Am4Teens Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct for Volunteers:

  • Volunteers are expected to commit to any projects that they have signed up for by abiding by the set minimum requirements for each project:

  • Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the allocation of ½ strikes: the termination of hours for that project.

  • Continued failure to commit to projects will result in 2/2 strikes, meaning that the volunteer would be at risk of expulsion.

  • Volunteers are expected to be principled; refraining from plagiarism, false information, documentation, or slander.

  • Volunteers must comply with the policies and directions provided by the ‘Am4Teens Team’.

  • Any further inquiries or assistance will be addressed by allocated team members.

  • Any affliction to another volunteer or team member such as bullying/cyber-bullying, discrimination, gender, civil status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, are prohibited at Am4teens and the volunteer(s) will be removed from the organization. We welcome everyone at Am4teens, and volunteers who are being discriminatory against their peers will not be tolerated.

  • If any misinformation spread about Am4teens volunteers, team members, organization partners’, and the organization itself will NOT be tolerated and will be removed from the organization with a possibility of a written letter (email) to the teacher/counselor listed on the volunteer’s application. Stated in bullet point two “Code of Conduct for Volunteers”, slander will not be tolerated.

  • Volunteers are NOT permitted to share resources/opportunities (sign up forms, sheets, events, webinars, meetings, etc) to individuals that are NOT a part of Am4teens. This is violating the privacy of those who are a part of the organization. Investigation will be conducted if caught sharing information/resources to individuals outside of Am4teens.

  • Slack is used for the leadership team members of the organization to communicate with volunteers about new opportunities, information, etc. Therefore, volunteers are not allowed to post/share messages that are unrelated without the Founder’s (Annie Mokatsyan) or leadership team's permission.

  • If a volunteer will no longer like to work with Am4teens, volunteers must send out a formal email explaining the reasons why they are leaving Am4teens to their advisors. We do not appreciate, "please remove me from the mailing list" emails- it is not professional at all. You are a volunteer working with a nonprofit, not someone that signed up to be subscribed to our "mailing list". If we detect informal leaves within the organization, you will be reached out from the chairmans and board directors of Am4teens to address the informality and unprofessionalism.

What happens if a volunteer does not comply with the ‘Am4Teens Code of Conduct’?

  1. The volunteer that does not comply with the code of conduct will receive an email from the ‘Am4Teens Leadership Team’ with a warning and will receive a potential strike. Acquiring 2/2 strikes will result in expulsion from Am4teens.

  2. Volunteers are sought to contribute to any and/or all projects with their fullest potential and dedication. Failure to do so will result in a strike stated in the first bullet point of the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Should you have any questions about the ‘Am4Teens Policy/Code of Conduct’, please reach out to the leadership team regarding your inquiry or

This code of conduct can change. If a change were to occur, volunteers will be notified and sent via email with the new policy/code of conduct.