Am4All Rebrand

The nonprofit organization, Am4teens, has continued to serve the community through active partnerships with international organizations that tackle a number of prominent global conflicts. Its board, leadership team, and volunteers have become an integral part of the non-profit that serves to advocate for a plethora of global issues.

Am4teens has emerged as an extraordinary environment that fosters commitment to implicating pivotal changes through the embodiment of leaders seeking to make an impact. Recognizing the importance of widening our potential for impact, the parent foundation Am4all was established in the hopes of continuing to foster growth and successful manifestation of our mission. Our founder, Annie Mokatsyan’s, expresses excitement for what is to come as she continues to participate and flourish in the collaborative efforts sustained by the organization stating: “I’m excited to see how the future for Am4All will look like- the sky's the limit”.

The parent organization’s name pays homage to our humble beginnings, Am stands for Annie Mokatsyan, the name of Am4all’s founder and CEO. Am4All will be the parent organization, with Am4teens under its umbrella. Thus, while Am4teens will continue its endeavors in humanitarian-paired projects, learning resource creation, podcasts and newsletters, Am4all will encompass the more utilitarian aspects of the organization. Am4All will handle financial and business relations moving forward.

Please join us as we progress, expand, and thrive. This change in our design will allow us to pursue humanitarian works to a greater extent. Am4all is exactly what it sounds like, it is our home but also ours to share with the rest of the world.. For more information, visit our website

Article Written By the PR Officers of Am4All:

Olatoni A.-

Reema A. -