Awards-4teens September 2021

Monthly Awards-4Teens Honoree #7|October 10, 2021| By: Reema Alahmadi

The true embodiment of the honoree of the month stems from numerous contributions to projects, hard work ethic, consistency, and the exemplification of the organization’s mission. We pride ourselves in providing volunteers with opportunities to challenge themselves and make commitments for the greater good. We hope that our ambitions to educate and give back transcends into the personal goals of our volunteers, inducing the domino effect of kindness and compassion. Two powerful traits manifested by this month’s honoree, Karlin Decker.

An artistic soul, embedded in Karlin’s roots, is the passion for contributing to global issues that speak to both her surroundings and the global community. Her humble nature and ability to seek opportunities for learning and growth have made her undoubtedly worthy of this honorable title.

What are some of your hobbies, talents, and interests?

Karlin: I play the guitar, I love doing anything in the realm of arts that may include crafts, sewing, embroidery, among others. I also thrive in the outdoors, so I love to run, swim, and bike frequently.

How would your friends describe you?

Karlin: They would probably describe me as down to earth and kind, and pretty carefree as well.

What do you like to do outside of volunteer work?

Karlin: I am a rising senior in high school so I am usually pretty consumed with school work, but I am also on the cross country, tennis, and swim teams. I also love participating in my DECA team. Aside from that, I love spending time with my friends and family and my dogs.

What drives you or motivates you to continuously volunteer?

Karlin: I am extremely passionate about the Am4teens mission, I appreciate all the different projects that advocate for a number of global causes and change. I love feeling accomplished and knowing that my efforts contribute to giving back. I recognize that the world has given me so much and I need to do my best to return the favor.

If you could describe your volunteer experience in Am4teens with one word, what would it be and why?

Karlin: That is a little difficult, but I would say rewarding. Knowing that my efforts are directly contributing to causes I am passionate about humbles me and encourages me to continue.

What skills has volunteering allowed you to further develop and how?

Karlin: Through volunteering, I have been able to strengthen my communication skills. Although it is considered a soft skill that most often overlooks, volunteering particularly in outreach has encouraged me to grow more comfortable in reaching out to people.

What was your favorite volunteer experience and why?

Karlin: I would have to say that the marine biology program was my favorite. I found it incredibly fascinating, as it allowed me to learn more about the oceans and sustainability.

What challenges did you face in your volunteer work and how did you overcome them?

Karlin: Prior to volunteering I was the true embodiment of a procrastinator, I did not know how to manage my time. However, I have been able to better myself by utilizing different resources such as a planner to organize and delegate my time.

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice what would it be?

Karlin: I would say to prioritize your mental health. Through the pandemic, I was able to recognize the vitality of taking care of your mental health. I would encourage everyone to make the choices necessary to protect and foster a good and healthy mental being.

Do you see yourself pursuing more volunteer work in the future:

Karlin: I would love to pursue physical volunteer opportunities and target communities in my area. In the future, I would like to potentially pursue projects in less fortunate countries.

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