Awards-4teens April 2021

Monthly Awards-4Teens Honoree #3|April 17, 2021| By: Reema Alahamdi

The Power of One’s Intentions

Power lies in one’s ability to recognize the beauty and flaws that lie in our community, but true strength is underscored in the establishment of intent to impose change for the better. We continuously encourage volunteers to take part in change and challenge themselves to get involved with opportunities that pave the path for a brighter future. The reinforcement of our mission is embodied in the tremendous accomplishments of this month’s honoree, Steven Jessup.

Steven’s gifted ability to find purpose in helping and serving others has greatly contributed to a number of significant global causes, and further evoked his identity as Am4teens Honoree of the month-April 2021.

A junior in high school, Steven’s achievements prove that the youth represent the generation of change and opportunity. He speaks for those silenced, by continuously committing to educational experiences that amplify the need for educational equity in our modern society. His actions and prioritization of serving all members of the community further exemplifies his achievement of this commendable award.

What inspires you to volunteer?

Steven: I like helping out and providing a service to those in need in my community. I especially love working with kids, and have been involved in volunteering experiences that serve children.

Why is giving back to children particularly important to you?

Steven: I like giving back to children, especially considering the current circumstances of a pandemic and virtual learning. I know that virtual learning is really challenging and complicated. It is also complicated for me at times so I just wanted to help out and give back.

In one word what does volunteering mean to you?

Steven: It's difficult to choose just one word. To me it means providing a service to those in need within my community and the international community.

What's your favorite project that you have been involved in?

Steven: I would have to say the tutoring experience that took place after school. Personally, I tutored math to middle school students and also helped with their science and humanities courses as well. I really enjoyed serving children on a one-on- one basis.

How do you balance between volunteering and maintaining your social life?

Steven: I play varsity soccer at my highschool, but what I often do is incorporate volunteering experiences with social experiences. So I volunteer with my friends in experiences that might include helping out in a soup kitchen, creating drives, and stuff like that. For example my friends and I started a car wash to raise money for an imported cause and that was really fun.

What challenges do you experience volunteering and how do you overcome them?

Steven: I have a really busy schedule. I have to make sure to manage my time to ensure that I am able to volunteer and remain committed to all of my other commitments such as soccer.

What advice would you give to a new volunteer?

Steven: I would say not to do it because you are gaining volunteer or service hours but do it because you are helping someone out and providing service to those in need.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you see yourself continuing to volunteer?

Steven: I plan to volunteer more in the future even in college. I hope to go to UNC Chapel Hill and study medicine to hopefully work in the medical field. I am interested in working in Physical rehabilitation or therapy .

What projects do you hope to see Am4teens creating in the future?

Steven: I hope that after the pandemic is over, I would be able to get involved in physical experiences such as cleaning parks.

What's the most rewarding part of volunteering:

Steven: I believe that it is knowing that you are helping someone that is less fortunate than you are and having the opportunity to make a difference.

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